Welcoming Students

Dear Students:

Welcome to the CSSS-IUGS! We invite you to participate fully in our activities during your stay with us. We hope that your stay with us will be enjoyable, fulfilling, and enriching. In return, your presence mutually benefits us and is a constant source of renewal.
Thanks to the CSSS-IUGS university affiliated designation, student training plays an important role at our institution. Our main concern is clearly the delivery of quality care and services to our clients and to the population living in our territory. We invite you to acquaint yourselves with your obligations as part of your student internships, and to ask your supervisor what are the expectations of your unit concerning the quality of services.
We are convinced that your contributions will be made in a context of quality care and service delivery. To this effect, we ask that you indicate that you are students in training to our clients and to the organizations you deal with on behalf of the CSSS-IUGS. Specifying your status allows our clients and public to make enlightened decisions and to narrow their expectations of you.
Finally, remember that key persons are available to support you if you face any problems. Please inform your supervisor or unit head of any need or problem you encounter in the exercise of your duties. For a specific matter, you may also contact us at 780-2220, extension 47200.
May you enjoy the most agreeable journey of discovery at the CSSS-IUGS!


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