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A Worthwhile Commitment

No matter your age, training, job or time available, you can always become a volunteer. Join us and make a difference in the lives of the residents at Argyll, D'Youville, St-Joseph, and St-Vincent residential centres. Witness the joy that you bring to their lives and experience the personal satisfaction that you will gain as a result.

Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills and abilities while enjoying time with others.

A Presence Which Makes All the Difference

Volunteering at the CSSS-IUGS means above all a commitment to improving the living environment of our residents. Volunteers provide basic needs to users such as listening and comforting. They establish warm, human relationships, even friendships, with people from all walks of life. Sometimes volunteers receive signs of affection as a result of sharing their time and availability with users.

Professionals at the CSSS-IUGS must respond to a maximum number of needs without being in a position to fill all of them. That is why volunteers help to improve the living environment. They humanize services and support our employees whose time is largely consumed in providing care. Salaried employees and volunteers play different, complementary roles.

The presence of 450 volunteers at the CSSS-IUGS helps to partially recreate the family ambience dearly cherished by the elderly and allows our residents to keep their ties to the community. The feeling of solitude experienced by residents is therefore alleviated.

CSSS-IUGS Clientele

The four residential centres of the CSSS-IUGS offer a safe, stimulating, dynamic, adapted and respectful living
environment to more than 760 elders and adults who require curative, preventive, palliative or long-term care.

Most CSSS-IUGS residents are losing their physical autonomy or cognitive faculties. They are in the process of experiencing loss, in particular loss of social environments, family lives, homes and even private lives.

Volunteering Means…

…sharing a fun moment with our residents.

Volunteering is above all a personal decision with multiple underlying motivations. It is a gift, a free gesture, a response to a need such as self-fulfillment, feeling useful, learning, giving meaning to life and raising self-worth.

Volunteer action is enriching both for the volunteer and for those who benefit from the volunteer’s commitment.

The Thrill of Volunteering

“Volunteering only gets better over time. There are many different reasons which motivate me to volunteer. I am so thrilled that I often wonder who gets more out of it – the resident or me.”

Lorraine, 5 years volunteering

Volunteer Rights and Obligations

Registering as a volunteer in a structured institution is pleasant and non-binding.

Persons who wish to volunteer at the CSSS-IUGS must:

  • be minimally available;
  • agree to participate in an existing program of their choice (for at least 3 months);
  • be sufficiently fit to volunteer actively;
  • be psychologically balanced in order to deal with the realities of the institutional environment.


It is important that the volunteer view his commitment as he would for a paid job. The volunteer must be aware of the scope of the obligations conferred upon him and be ready to devote the necessary amount of time.

The volunteer must reflect upon his commitment and seek to find balance among his job, his volunteering and his social life. When choosing a program, the volunteer must take into consideration his preferences, availability, abilities and the requirements of the position.

The duties of the volunteer include punctuality, consistency, discretion and respect for the duties of salaried employees and fellow volunteers.


As a volunteer, you have the right to:

  • clear and negotiable mandates;
  • equal consideration to that of salaried employees;
  • the cooperation of all professionals and volunteers;
  • skills upgrading programs;
  • a variety of services such as access to the locker rooms, a parking permit and the refunding of certain fees related to your volunteer activities;
  • protection in the event of an accident during your volunteer activities.