UMF Estrie


The family medicine unit of Estrie (unité de médecine de famille – UMF) has the single greatest number of residents as well as professors performing clinical activities. The unit bears the name of its affiliated program.

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 Mandatory residencies are conducted within a 100-km area of Sherbrooke. The family medicine residency is mainly held in two CSSS-IUGS facilities: CLSC 1200, King Street East and CLSC 8, Speid Street. Both points of service are located in urban and semi-urban settings.

The CSSS-IUGS is the only health and social services centre in Québec to have a dual university designation. In addition to being designated affiliated university centre, it is also one of Quebec’s two geriatric university institutes. Every year, more than 1,000 medical students and residents from a wide range of disciplines perfect their skills at the CSSS-IUGS.

The clientele is composed of all age groups. All types of front-line pathologies are treated or dealt with: acute, chronic, multiple and even rare.

Pedagogical support

Each family medicine resident completes his clinical activities with and under the supervision of a team of four or five professors who discuss the cases and proceed with direct observations. Within the CLSC mandate, teams execute all family medicine work. The family medicine resident continuously interacts with support staff and with other professionals, including a psychologist, a social worker and a nutritionist who work exclusively within the team of professors in the family medicine unit.

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The advantages of UMF Estrie - GMF des Deux-Rives

  • Privileged interaction with patients
    • Continuity of care
    • Complete array of services
  • A prime location in the community
    • Interdisciplinary practice
    • Multicultural population
    • Practice in the family medicine group (GMF)
  • Dynamic practice
  • An experienced and highly competent team of professors
    • Experts in their respective fields
    • A select environment in a dynamic city which practices sustainable development and which highly regards culture, sports and academic excellence