Research and evaluations of practices in primary health care and social services are conducted at the Primary Health Care and Social Services University Institute (PHCSSUI).

Research anchored in practice settings

The research infrastructure favours the emergence of innovative practices and contributes to the development of tools in primary health care and social services. The infrastructure ensures recognition, mobilization, and transfer of knowledge while contributing to training. Its objective is to develop the strengths of individuals and of communities through a personalized approach centred on the user and/or the community.

Research areas and partners

PHCSSUI's research areas correspond to three areas of care, services and programs offered to children and families, to adults, and to communities.

In order to fully execute its activities, PHCSSUI fosters links among workers, managers, researchers, users and the population. Each person's input is essential in order to pool everyone's knowledge on an equal footing and to deliver tangible benefits suited to local realities. Research topics and activities are developed according to the needs of users, workers, health care and social services managers, community organizations, and so on.

The research infrastructure is funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC). Through its affiliation agreement, the Université de Sherbrooke also contributes to supporting PHCSSUI.

Social Research in the CSSS-CAUs

To learn more about the role of health and social services centres (CSSS) designated as affiliated university centres (CAU), watch the following information videos (available in French only):