A Select Training Environment

Every year, the CSSS-IUGS welcomes students enrolled in a variety of disciplines at the professional, college and university levels to allow them to complete their practical training. Some students choose the CSSS-IUGS to develop clinical skills or practices related to their future professions. Others complete a specific mandate or contribute to a research project. No matter what type of experience students wish to acquire, our commitment is:

  • to provide students with adequate learning conditions;
  • to treat students with consideration;
  • to promote autonomy and participation within the organization;
  • to encourage student integration at the CSSS-IUGS;
  • to give visibility to student contributions.

 CSSS-IUGS Expectations Concerning Students

The CSSS-IUGS has certain expectations of students during their stay at the institution. We expect students to accept and agree to:

  • provide quality services;
  • inform users that they are students;
  • respect the rights of users and to uphold the confidentiality of personal information;
  • participate fully in activities which are offered;
  • guarantee the safety of our users, specifically by accepting to get vaccinated when required and by following safe clinical procedures;
  • report all incidents and accidents and to be proactive in preventing falls;
  • act with due diligence to avoid spreading infections;
  • know, understand and respect existing rules, policies and regulations at the CSSS-IUGS.

Many Activities Are Specifically Intended for Our Students

Student Reception Activities

All students staying at the CSSS-IUGS for more than a week are invited to participate in a reception activity, the purpose of which is to help students become familiar with the CSSS-IUGS and its services. Student reception and welcome activities are held periodically throughout the year. 

  • Practical Information
    • The Info-Teaching line

      The CSSS-IUGS works hard to respond to the needs of students. To this end, the Human et Education Resources Deparment has set up the Info-Teaching line to provide logistical support to stuents who will be working or interning at the CSSS-IUGS. Info-Teaching line facilitates the integration of students by :

      • distributing tags which the mandatory ID cards of the respective academic institutions can be inserted so that those interns can be identified by staff and users;
      • requesting valid parking permits for all CSSS-IUGS parking lots;
      • lending audiovisual equipment to students so that they can use it in their work;
      • making a variety of requests related to computer access and to facilities for students.

      To contact the Info-Teaching line, dial 819 780-2220, extension 47200.

      CSSS-IUGS Library

      The CSSS-IUGS has its very own library service and it is available to students. You can obtain books and articles on a wide variety of topics.

      • To obtain documents on aging, go to the library at D'Youville or dial 819 780-2220, extension 45237.
      • To obtain documents on any other subject, go to the library at 1200 King Street East or dial 819 780-2220, extension 44162.
  • Critical Information for Students
    • This Information Concerns You

      Students who are completing a portion of their practical training at the CSSS-IUGS are asked to fill out an identification form which they can obtain by contacting Info-Teaching line at 819 780-2220, extension 47200. Essential information will be asked to provide computer access to students completing their interships and for statistical pruposes. The form also allows us to obtain your coordinates, which the CSSS-IUGS may use to stay in touch with you after your internship is completed. Providing this information can be mutually beneficial, especially if you have indicated that you are interested in pursuing job opportunities with us.

      All students whose interships at the CSSS-IUGS must fill out a form authorizing a criminal background check. The completed authorization form must be returned to the education division before the intership begins or no later than on the first day of the internship. Should the backgrouind check prove sufficiently serious to compromise the intership, the student will be met in person to discuss the matter. The intership may be cancelled following the meeting. 

      It is the policy of the DRHE to uphold the confidentiality of all personal information provided.

      Internship Feeback

      Student feedback is essential to help the CSSS-IUGS to continuously improve the learning conditions of internships and to better support students. Students are invited to give us their feedback and to shate their impressions and suggestions anonymously by completing the form entitled Appréciation des conditions de stage. This form is e-mailed to students during the final week of their interships.