Short-term Hospitalization (short-term geriatric unit)

The short-term unit (UCDG) welcomes seniors aged 65 and over whose geriatric profiles require an environment capable of providing highly specialized evaluations, interventions, and treatments, all adapted to the specific features characteristic of advanced aging while simultaneously integrating biological, psychological and social elements. Hospital stays last 30 days on average.

  • Services offered
    • The short-term geriatric unit (UCDG) is a privileged environment for offering functional and cognitive evaluations to users who require continuous observation 24/7. Each user is evaluated by an interdisciplinary team  composed of geriatricians, nurses, nursing assistants, beneficiary assistants, nutritionists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and pharmacists. When required, the team may refer to advisers (geriatric psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, speech therapists, and so on) as well as to outpatient clinics for specialized investigations, among others, in urology, neurology, dermatology, physiatry, and ophtalmology.

      The UCDG interdisciplinary team prepares and implements treatment and intervention plans whose specific objective is to achieve the optimal improvement of autonomy. Once maximal user functional ability is achieved, unit practitioners guide users to the appropriate resources both internally (day hospital, rehabilitation unit, long-term residential care, CLSC, etc.) and externally (permanent residential care within the network or MRC).

  • Clientele
    • The short-term geriatric unit (UCDG) offers interventions to:

      • seniors who suffer from falls, cognitive disorders, delirium, behavioural disorders, complex disorders, and impaired mobility;
      • seniors who require an extended period of observation to get metabolic disorders, denutrition, or any other disease which is specifically associated with advanced aging under control;
      • seniors who require complicated, intensive rehabilitation as a result of disease.

      Were you aware that the short-term geriatric unit has 40 beds available at Argyll Hospital and Residential Centre?

  • How to access these services

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