Rehabilitation (intensive functional rehabilitation unit)

The intensive functional rehabilitation program is intended to help seniors who suffer from a disease or a trauma and who have an identified potential to recover their abilities.

Persons referred to the rehabilitation unit are hospitalized for 40 days on average.

  • Services offered
    • The program is intended to restore functional independence and to reduce the incidence of chronic disability through:

      • Educational, prevention, health promotion and autonomy activities for the user and his family;
      • An individualized intervention plan which respects the specific abilities, needs and expectations of each user and his caregivers;
      • Searching for the optimal potential of each individual and for his active participation in his treatment plan;
      • Assistance and support which enables the user, his family and his caregivers to adapt to his new condition;
      • Guiding the user to his natural living environment or to a resource which is appropriate for his condition while ensuring an adequate follow-up;
      • Social reinsertion in collaboration with the appropriate resources.

      A rehabilitation program is also offered to amputees who have lost at least one of their lower limbs. The amputee is invited to participate in a psychological support group which promotes mutual exchanges and support among amputees.

      Outpatient rehabilitation

      The CSSS-IUGS also provides outpatient rehabilitation services to seniors aged 65 and older who require physiotherapy, speech-language pathology and neuropsychology services and who have been referred by their family physician.

  • Clientele
    • Persons aged 65 and older who have suffered from a disease (cerebrovascular accident, amputation, etc.), a trauma (hip fracture, etc.) or any other neurological, vascular or musculoskeletal condition which requires a period of rehabilitation and which presents a potential for recovery.

      Were you aware that the intensive functional rehabilitation unit, located at D’Youville Hospital and Residential Centre, provides 24 beds?

  • How to access these services

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