Policies, Rules and Regulations

Document Consultation

  • Any person may consult the collection on location provided that they abide by Library Services rules and regulations.
  • Food and beverages are prohibited in the libraries.
  • Users must refrain from speaking loudly in order to instil a favourable work climate.
  • Under no circumstances will the user put a document back onto the shelves.
  • Users will refrain from jotting notes in the documents or folding them (this helps preserve the documents for other users).
  • Any use of a document must be made in accordance with the Copyright Act.
  • The user must voluntarily submit to the control procedures enforced by Library Services staff.
  • The user will allow staff members to inspect any document in his possession when exiting the library.
  • The user must abide by the regulations and by-laws governing the use of information resources when using Centre information systems and software or when navigating on the RTSS network or online.

Library loans

Library Services clients may borrow up to six documents at a time for the follow periods:

  • Books: three weeks
  • Unbound periodicals: one week
  • Audiovisual documents: one week

Reference works (identified by REF) as well as bound periodicals may not be taken out of the library.

Any person may borrow documents through the interlibrary loans service of their usual library (municipal or other).

Individuals who work for one of the institutions that are partners of the Sherbrooke University Pole (students, staff members, members of the Éva-Senécal Library) may borrow up to four volumes for a period of three weeks. For further information, consult the BiblioPôle Sherbrooke.

The client may renew a loan if the document has not been reserved by another user.

Any document that has already been loaned may be reserved by a client. Library staff notifies the client of the date of return of the loaned document, reserve it under his name and notify him when the document becomes available.

A late return results in the suspension of the user’s right to borrow until the document is returned to the library.

Any lost or damaged document will be billed to the user plus administrative fees of $30.