Neighbourhood Interventions

This new intervention method makes it possible to provide services which are better adapted to the needs of the public.

Through its team's presence in residential buildings in the Ascot and Jardins Fleuris neighbourhoods, the CSSS-IUGS is making its services even more accessible. This leading-edge practice enables interveners to work more closely with the community's leaders and members.

In effect, a cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary team working in partnership with community members leads the interventions. The workers are integrated into the neighbourhood and are involved in its daily life. This proximity gives the team a better perspective and greater understanding of the dynamics within the community. This bond also helps the community itself to identify measures which could potentially improve living conditions.

For the primary research infrastructure, this project provides an incredible opportunity to build a community which merges the knowledge of citizens, practitioners and researchers in order to instill conditions favourable to a culture of continuous learning and of sharing of research among the various stakeholders involved.