The mission of the Primary Health Care and Social Services University Institute (PHCSSUI) is to merge or combine knowledge, to develop practices, and to improve interventions and decision-making.

The research infrastructure is responsible for the overall development, coordination and monitoring of research activities in its area of expertise - primary health care and social services research. That obligation, of which the fundamental principle is the merging of academic, professional, and experimental knowledge, contributes to the six components of the university mission:

  • Research

Research is essential for advancing knowledge, improving practices, and supporting decision-making.

  • Education and Practical Training

The research infrastructure contributes to training health care and social services workers, from research internships to university education, as well as through the development of training sessions for professionals.

  • Knowledge Transfer

The knowledge stemming from research at PHCSSUI must be transferred to the workers, partners, managers and social services users of the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS. This knowledge is transferred through seminars, colloquiums, workshops, and other innovative tools and methods.

  • Developing Leading-Edge Practices

PHCSSUI promotes the development of best practices by putting an emphasis on research development and innovation. Breakthroughs are deemed to be "leading-edge practices" when they innovate upon current practices; when they are fully implemented and evaluated; when the knowledge they encompass is transferred; and when they are potentially adoptable by other organizations.

  • Assessment of Technologies and Health Care Methodologies (ÉTMI)

Assessments and evaluations are performed to support managers and workers in decision-making. These assessments include recommendations which factor in the global aspects of the sociocultural, political, economic, technological or other backgrounds. They may concern equipment, intervention methods, clinical tools, and so on.

  • Disseminating Overall Activities

The aim of the cross-dimensional research infrastructure's dissemination endeavour is local, regional, national, and international in scope. Abiding by this goal enhances the recognition of PHCSSUI's expertise and thereby increases its contribution to society.