Community Development

The objective of this axis is to improve personalized services by supporting community development, a recognized effective strategy in public health, in order to influence the social determinants of health. Implementation of this axis aims primarily to act upon the social determinants which decisively structure social and health inequities, in order to ultimately decrease the latter and to improve public health and well-being.

Three key determinants - intersectoriality, rurality, and territoriality - which arose during the joint development process of the consultation phase with partners, are at the heart of the researchers' work. That work will enable the consolidation of the scope of community projects both in rural and urban settings, specifically in the Haut-Saint-François and du Granit MRCs, in the City of Sherbrooke, and in several municipalities in the Montérégie. Research with partners and a realistic evaluation reflect the methodic specialization of the research team involved in this axis. 

Three priorities have been identified:

  • Knowledge tools and changing practices
  • Citizen spaces
  • Public policies 

Heads of the community development axis:

  • Jeannette LeBlanc, professor, department of psychology, Université de Sherbrooke 

Scientific programming guidelines (coming soon)