Childhood development within the family and the community

The objective of this new axis is to promote children's abilities by taking into account their family and community backgrounds. Implementation of this axis centres on effective practices with families and partners which are related to personalized services with a focus on their outcomes.

To this end, this axis pays particular attention to three determinants of health and childhood development which can influence the well-being and health of children, specifically ethnicity, poverty, and the mental health of parents. These three determinants, identified in the joint development process of the 2014-2019 scientific programming, are integrated into the various research projects which compose this axis. 

Three priority components are being examined:

  • Parent-child bonding
  • Group interventions
  • Partnerships, services and integrated practices 

Heads of family and community development:

  • Emmanuelle Jasmin, professor, department of rehabilitation, Université de Sherbrooke
  • Annie Lambert, professor, École de travail social, Université de Sherbrooke 

Scientific programming guidelines (coming soon)