Adult capacity development

The objective of this axis is to promote the development of capacities among adults so that they can become genuine partners (users or patients) in the health care and services which they receive so that the said care and services have genuine benefits for them.

Research topics will focus on the development of the capacities of users, workers, and managers in order to promote the personalization and improvement of frontline care and services for adults. These topics arose from the joint development process led with the various stakeholders in this field. 

Topics which have been defined:

  • User capacity development
  • Worker and manager capacity development
  • Interprofessional and interorganizational cooperation and improvement of organizations and practices 

Heads of Adult capacity development:

  • Marie-Claude Beaulieu, professor, department of family medicine and emergency
  • Nadine Larivière, professor, department of rehabilitation, Université de Sherbrooke 

Scientific programming guidelines (coming soon)