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Lara Maillet

Adult Capacity Development Axis

In-House Researcher

Institut universitaire de première ligne en santé et services sociaux, CIUSSS de l'Estrie – CHUS

819 780-2220, ext. 45321



Postdoctorate in public administration and health care organizations management, École Nationale d'Adminsitration publique (ENAP), under the supervision of Nassera Touati and Mylaine Breton.

Doctorate in public health, Ph.D., health care services organization option, Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Paul Lamarche and Bernard Roy.


Research Interests

Health care organization change and adaptation to vulnerable and/or marginalized patients (newcomers, asylum seekers, refugees, aboriginals, and mental health issues)

Governance of health care networks and organizations (multi-level governance, complex adaptive system, intersectorality)

Organization of primary health care and services

International collaborations: Health of women and children (maternal and child mortality, female genital mutilation, HIV, tuberculosis, etc.)


Preferred Theories and Methodologies

Complexity - Complex Adaptive System (CAS)

Multi-Level Governance

Sense-making and Actor Network Theory



Status of Women

Case Study - Survey/Questionnaire - Evaluation