The CSSS-IUGS provides various services to prevent the living conditions of homeless persons from deteriorating and to promote their improvement.

  • Services offered
      • Promotion and prevention
      • Screening and accompaniment
      • Intensive follow-up of persons and interventions on the organization of services
      • Community intervention by providing support to organizations and through local concerted initiatives
      • Development projects in the community
  • Clientele
    • All persons living in Sherbrooke who are homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless who visit resources for homeless persons, including: persons who are experiencing major instability at the housing level or in obtaining or using services that are adapted to their situation, as expressed by getting confused or lost in the system; persons who have diverse and complex problems (i.e. poverty, alcohol addiction, drug addiction, mental health problems, physical problems, etc.).
  • How to access these services
    • Come to CLSC 50 Camirand Street.


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