Home Support

An interdisciplinary team at the CSSS-IUGS uses a variety of activities and methods to provide home support to seniors in loss of autonomy, to persons aged 18 and older who are disabled or at the end of life, and to informal and family caregivers.

This team is composed of many professionals including: social workers, nurses, nursing assistants, health and social services assistants, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, physical rehabilitation therapists, respiratory therapists, nutritionists and case managers (coordination of overall services for seniors).

The interdisciplinary home support team welcomes individuals, assesses their overall needs, provides them with information, guides them to the appropriate services and resources, and takes charge of individual cases depending on the problem at hand.

  • Services offered
      • Help and psychological support
      • Nursing
      • Assistance with personal hygiene
      • Home rehabilitation (equipment and exercise recommendations, adaptation of home environment, etc.)
      • Educational activities
  • Clientele
      • Your diagnosis indicates that you have a disease (Alzheimer's, cancer, etc.) and will be needing nursing services, psychological support or home care services.
      • You have limitations due to your age or disability, and your home is not adapted to your needs.
      • You know a senior who is being abused or neglected.
      • You are concerned about the behaviour of a senior who is close to you (i.e. loss of memory, aggressiveness, isolation).
      • You are helping a parent who is suffering from loss of autonomy and you feel exhausted.
      • Your health problems are preventing you from effectively carrying out your daily tasks (i.e. hygiene, dressing, meal preparation, etc.).
      • You are considering moving to a retirement home and need advice to make an enlightened decision.
      • You notice that a senior who is close to you falls often and you feel concerned.
      • You experience difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub due to your age or health problems.
  • How to access these services
    • Dial 819 780-2222 or drop in at CLSC 50 Camirand Street.

Resources to help you

The CSSS-IUGS prensents the guide Being a care giver not an easy task. The purpose of this guide is to provide useful information to assist caregivers in their role.