Health - A Shared Passion


The term health is definitely intended to be inclusive. This term encompasses mental health, life and healthy lifestyle, regardless of age, physical condition or needs. It means maintaining or recovering health or attaining a better quality of life for those whose health is fragile. For our users, the concept of health refers to a movement towards a healthy lifestyle. For the members of our organization, it evokes a willingness to provide better help.


The term passion connects the statement to human emotions and relationships. Passion helps us to move mountains and to surpass ourselves. Passion comes straight from the heart.


Passion is also a feeling that we wish to share, to communicate and to transmit. Our passion is not an end in itself, but rather an ongoing process, much like sharing. Everyone attempts to surpass himself on a daily basis and to share even more. The adjective “shared” illustrates our common objective and responsibility. For users and the population, it is an invitation to take responsible action for their own health based upon their ability to do so.

Within our organization, it is a call for sharing the responsibility to offer the best care and services possible. Among our partners, sharing is an invitation for ongoing participation in providing care and services, especially as regards access and continuity in the local health network.


Everyone is asked to contribute and gather around our common, shared passion for health.


Our cover, designed by Tatou communication visuelle, is original. It is unique, just like the CSSS-IUGS which, through its mission and full university status, is the only health and social services centre of its kind in Québec. Our cover illustrates our commitment to health, sharing and passion, as outlined in the positioning statement. The vegetation represents people whom we must passionately care for, as would a gardener. The plants are different from one another and all have their own characteristics and needs. They each have a specific role to play. Each one is therefore important.

The drawings of persons represent everyone, including staff members at the CSSS-IUGS, our partners, Sherbrooke and Estrie residents, because our invitation to participate involves sharing. This notion of health teams is symbolized by the white square that connects all of the gardeners and plants.

The blue, green and brown colours are those of the natural elements and are a reminder of life.