The Hanen Program is an approach to early language stimulation. The Hanen Program enables the parents of French-speaking children to undertake language-stimulation initiatives with their own child.

  • Services offered
    • The Hanen Program helps parents:

      • To encourage the development of effective communications among their pre-school-aged children;
      • To adopt communication attitudes which encourage their children to develop their language abilities;
      • To guide the children to the appropriate resources when necessary.

      The CSSS-IUGS professionals assist the parents in this language-stimulation initiative through:

      • Detailing and explaining the stimulation methods and the principles behind them;
      • Practical exercises;
      • Simulation exercises;
      • Home exercises;
      • Exchanges among parents (to share their experiences and to encourage learning);
      • Home video presentations on parent-child interactions.
  • Clientele
    • Children aged 2 to 3 years of age who seem to have a language problem.

      • Does the child show interest in speaking?
      • Does he ask questions?
      • Does he make himself understood?
      • Does he make himself understood by strangers?
      • Does he make three-word sentences?
      • Is the child developing his language skills month after month?

      If you answered no to any one of these questions, your child may have a language problem.

  • How to access these services
    • Dial 819 780-2222