GMF des Deux-Rives and GMF des Grandes-Fourches (family medicine groups)

The CSSS-IUGS is home to two family medicine groups (GMF) - GMF des Grandes-Fourches and GMF des Deux-Rives. These groups are composed of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals (psychologists, social workers, a nutritionist, a pharmacist). They provide a variety of health care and health services to their registered clienteles. 

The GMF des Grandes-Fourches currently serves 13,600 users and the family medicine unit (UMF) of GMF des Deux Rives another 10,000.

New patients are admitted each year through the family physician access registry.

  • Services offered
    • For registered clients only:

      • Drop-in clinic open 7 days a week (offered at 50 Camirand Street on Saturdays and Sundays for both GMFs). Clients must phone first and an appointment time will be given depending on the number of places available;
      • Medical services by appointment;
      • Appointment follow-up by GMF nurses;
      • Pregnancy follow-up and delivery at the CHUS;
      • Home follow-up for vulnerable clients and on-duty service 24/7;
      • Possible follow-up by other GMF professionals: psychologist, social worker, and dietician (at both GMFs), and follow-up with a pharmacist (GMF des Grandes-Fourches);
      • Minor surgery clinic (GMF des Deux-Rives).

      Temporary follow-up of unregistered clients:

      • Pregnancy follow-up and delivery;
      • Minor surgery clinic (upon the referral of a physician).
  • How to access family medicine group services
    • GMF des Grandes-Fourches
      50 Camirand Street, Sherbrooke

      GMF des Deux-Rives
      1200 King Street East, Sherbrooke
      8 Speid Street, Lennoxville


      Physician in charge:
      Dr. Suzanne Turcotte


      Physician in charge:
      Dr. Isabelle Germain

  • Educational mission
    • The family medicine unit (UMF) associated with GMF des Deux-Rives welcomes 1st to 4th year medical students and resident physicians who monitor patients during of their two-year training period. Directing physicians always supervise these learners.

      The UMF is also involved in the training of specialized nurse practitioners.