End-of-Life Care

How to Better Accompany a Loved One

The CSSS-IUGS is highly committed to providing quality end-of-life care and services. That is why a committee - composed of residents, families, professionals, managers, physicians and representatives of the Department of Health Care and Services Quality - has implemented a variety of tools to improve the quality of care, services and accompaniment given to residents nearing the end of their lives and to their loved ones. These tools include:

  • The handbook entitled Companion Guide for the Relatives of a Person Nearing End of Life;
  • The handbook entitled Comfort Care at the End of Life for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease or Other Degenerative Diseases of the Brain;
  • A new sympathy card;
  • A satisfaction questionnaire for received care, services and accompaniment;
  • A cart containing a variety of objects (couches, radio, lamp, etc.) to enable loved ones to accompany and remain with the user nearing the end of life;
  • A coffee kit courtesy of the Vitæ Foundation;
  • Specialized training in end-of-life care to the staff of patient-care units;
  • A care procedure as well as a checklist for nurses.