Education at the CSSS-IUGS

Please note that since the Act to Modify the Organization and Governance of the Health and Social Services Network, in Particular by Abolishing the Regional Agencies has come into force, the CSSS-IUGS has been amalgamated with the Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux de l’Estrie – Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS). For more information about the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS, consult the website (

Training Students Is Everyone's Business!

The CSSS-IUGS has a dual university designation. Thus it plays an important role in training future generations of workers in health care and in social services. In 2014-2015 alone, the CSSS-IUGS welcomed students enrolled in some 43 disciplines.

All of our workers assist these students in their training through activities which include accompanying them in learning and developing skills in their future trades or professions. Our objective is to develop a genuine culture of learning, education and training at the CSSS-IUGS, which welcomed 1,572 students in 2014-2015. To this number can also be added students who partially completed their research training at the research centres of the CSSS-IUGS.

Training Students Is Teamwork!

Welcoming students at the CSSS-IUGS is a collective and shared responsibility. Every supervisor can rely on the support of his coworkers, managers and the institution itself to help provide the student with a quality experience and a sound integration into his work team.

The Human Resources and Teaching Department (DRHE) has a team which welcomes students and supports them at the CSSS-IUGS. That team is also responsible for supporting CSSS-IUGS supervisors and mangers (whose duties include student training), as well as for ensuring communications with educational institutions. A student training and supervision program is now being offered to CSSS-IUGS staff members.

Training Students Is Enriching!

The presence of students at the CSSS-IUGS has two objectives:

  • to contribute to the professional development of CSSS-IUGS employees;
  • to play an active role in training the next generation of qualified workers.

Numerous accounts indicate that the presence of students in work teams at the CSSS-IUGS is stimulating and enriching for everyone. Student-supervisor interactions contribute to the sharing of knowledge and experience as well as to bringing new ideas to the workplace. Those exchanges are fertile ground for a reflection on our practices.

Many Stimulating Partnerships to Train Students

The CSSS-IUGS welcomes students from many educational institutions located throughout Quebec, and sometimes even from outside the province's borders. Students who complete a portion of their practical training at the CSSS-IUGS come from professional, college, and university institutions. In 2014-2015, the CSSS-IUGS welcomed students from 22 different educational institutions.

The CSSS-IUGS is distinguished for its affiliation with the Université de Sherbrooke, a privileged partnership. Every year, the CSSS-IUGS welcomes a significant number of students from that university. In fact, nearly 48% of all students received at the CSSS-IUGS in 2014-2015 were registered in an academic program at the Université de Sherbrooke.