Day Centre

The Day Centre of the CSSS-IUGS provides stimulating cognitive and physical group activities to seniors and persons in loss of autonomy for whom a home maintenance outcome is desirable, as well as to any adult who suffers from an age-related health problem.

  • Services offered
    • The Day Centre facilities are organized to allow participants to experience the activities as if they were at home. The facilities include a dining room, a lounge and a washroom.

      The activities of daily living, such as setting the table and washing dishes, are used to encourage the maintenance of such abilities. Participants also engage in more structured activities such as:

      • Fitness;
      • Memory stimulation;
      • Balance.

      By going to the Day Centre, clients help professionals to establish user objectives intended to encourage maintenance in their living environments at an optimal degree of autonomy.

      Three types of groups have been formed to respond as appropriately as possible to the needs of users:

      • Fitness stimulation group
      • Cognitive stimulation group (adapted for moderate impairments)
      • Cognitive stimulation group (adapted for severe impairments)

      Stimulating the genuine abilities of seniors in loss of autonomy at the Day Centre enables participants to:

      • Maintain their abilities;
      • Compensate for their permanent disabilities;
      • Improve and maintain their physical health;
      • Stimulate and maintain their cognitive and intellectual abilities.

      The Day Centre also allows family caregivers to benefit from respite and support.

      The care providing team is composed of: specialized educators, occupational therapist, physical rehabilitation therapists, a social worker, a nurse, a genagogist, as well as beneficiary attendants.

      Were you aware that users usually visit the Day Centre once per week; 40 persons are received each day?

  • Clientele
    • Seniors in loss of autonomy for whom home maintenance is desirable or any adult who has an age-related health problem.
  • How to access these services