Community Action

Community action means acting on factors in the community which affect population health and well-being (education, housing, poverty, etc.).

The community organizations of the CSSS-IUGS along with citizens, partners and coworkers can enhance the ability of individuals and communities to take action to reduce social and health inequalities.

  • Services offered
      • Identification of problems in the community
      • Awareness-raising in the community
      • Support for existing resources
      • Creation of new services and resources
      • Mobilization of local resources and concerted action
      • Political action
  • Clientele
    • Any group of individuals which wishes to bring about a collective solution to a community problem (citizens committee, community group, issues table, and so on).
  • How to access these services
    • Dial 819 780-2222 and ask to be transferred to ext. 45463.