Clinical Project of the Local Services Network

With the objective of contributing to the improvement of the health and well-being of the population of Sherbrooke, to give the CSSS-IUGS and its health and social services partners a common vision of the needs of the population, and to allow them to decide together the priorities for improvement in order to better respond to those needs, an initiative has been developed: the clinical project. 

Three objectives are at the heart of this initiative and they support the reflection of the local health network partners in Sherbrooke (RLS de Sherbrooke): accessibility, continuity and quality services. Thanks to the interdisicplinarity of the care and service providers of the RLS de Sherbrooke and to the complementariness of the services provided, the CSSS-IUGS, along with its partners in the local health and social services network, is in a position to achieve these objectives.

Concretely, the goals of the clinical project are to:

  • Establish a profile of population needs in matters of health and well-being within the territory with indicators which make it possible to determine the demographic, socio-economic, socio-sanitary and service usage profiles;
  • Draw up a list of resources and services which are currently available to respond to those needs;
  • Analyze the gaps which need to be overcome to meet the objectives of accessibility, continuity and quality;
  • Identify the clinical models as well as the profitable collaborations that have already implemented and which need to be maintained or reinforced;
  • Choose, if necessary, other models to be integrated to fill the gaps to achieve the chosen objectives;
  • Specify the elements of the service offer and the parameters which must be included in the service agreements;
  • Specify the roles and responsibilities of those involved;
  • Articulate the service-programs with the overall services offered;
  • Ensure the follow-up of the impacts on the services and on the health and well-being of the population.

Source : ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux

For further information about the clinical project, click here (French version only).

In Estrie, the clinical projects are divided into nine service-programs

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