Cardiac Rehabilitation

The CSSS-IUGS offers a cardiac rehabilitation program to adults suffering from certain cardiovascular diseases.

  • Services offered
    • The services offered are intended to reduce the risk factors associated with heart disease while providing the support required by the individual and his relatives for his new health condition. Various individual and group activities are organized, namely:

      • Meetings with a nurse
      • Meetings with a kinesiologist and a nutritionist when needed
      • Conferences and workshops on a variety of subjects
      • Physical activity sessions organized by a kinesiologist and supervised by a nurse
      • Etc.
  • Clientele
    • Persons aged 18 and older suffering from cardiovascular diseases whose major diagnosis is included among the following:

      •  myocardial infarction,
      • angina pectoris,
      • post-coronary artery bypass surgery,
      • compensated heart failure,
      • and post-angioplasty with or without a stent.
  • How to access these services