Always Stay Alert When on Water

July 30th, 2015

Summer is meant for the enjoyment of boating, provided you have the required licenses to navigate, know how to pilot a boat, can make sure that all of the equipment is in its proper place, and are aware of the main rules and regulations of navigation and boating safety. You must always be alert when on water, whether kayaking, canoing, seadooing, boating or windsurfing.

Safety devices

You are legally obligated to have safety equipment on pleasure craft. You should note that items may vary by type of craft.

  • A Canada-approved personal flotation devices (PFD) or life jackets of the correct size for each person on board;
  • A 15-metre long buoyant heaving line;
  • A watertight flashlight OR Canada-approved flares (Type A, B or C);
  • A sound-signalling device;
  • A manual propelling device (a paddle) OR an anchoring device to prevent your boat from drifting;
  • A bailer to remove water from the boat;
  • A Class 5-BC fire extinguisher.

Remember to take along a hat, suntan lotion, enough drinking water, and sunglasses.

Safety = sobriety

Remember that drug and alcohol consumption restrictions apply both to roads and waterways. Each year, hundreds of people die in boating activities throughout the country. Alcohol is a factor in 65% of all of those deaths.

Finally, remember to check the weather forecast!

To find out more about safe boating:

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