The CSSS-IUGS provides services to adults aged 18 and older who have or are at risk of developing an addiction problem to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

  • Services offered
      • Screening and assessment
      • Assistance to review the situation and consumption habits of the individual
      • Alcochoix + activity (between 1 and 6 individual or group meetings)
      • Meetings (individual or group) intended to help the person improve alcohol consumption habits (i.e. drinking moderately)
      • Intervention and education
      • End-to-end support to individuals
      • Psycho-social follow-up on consumption habits
      • Referral to other specialized resources and services
  • Clientele
    • Adults aged 18 and older living in Sherbrooke who have or who are at risk of developing an addiction problem to either alcohol, drugs or gambling.

      • Do you drink to avoid dealing with your preoccupations, to solve your slightest problems or because you need alcohol to function?
      • Do you feel guilty after drinking?
      • Do you hide your drinking habit?
      • Does controlling your drinking demand an effort on your part?
      • Do you currently drink more to obtain the same effect as before?
      • Does drinking cause you to experience any physical problems (i.e. diabetes, stomach pain), emotional problems (i.e. depression, anxiety, aggressiveness), social problems (i.e. loss of friends, employment), family problems (i.e. broken relationships) or financial problems (i.e. debts, non-payment of rent)?
      • Does drinking lead you to isolate yourself?
      • Do you experience problems if you spend a few days without drinking?
      • Do you drink as soon as you wake up?
      • Do you experience physical symptoms when you do not drink (i.e. sweating, trembling, anxiety)?

      Assistance programs and services at the CSSS-IUGS have been designed to help you.

  • How to access these services
    • Come to CLSC 50, Camirand Street or dial 819 780-2222.