Academic Institutions

Every year, the CSSS-IUGS welcomes a significant number of students who come here to complete a part of their practical training. The Human Resources and Teaching Department (DRHE) is entrusted with managing the logistical aspects of the internships. The DRHE is responsible for overseeing a number of student training mandates, specifically:

  • managing communications with educational institutions (forms to fill, room reservations);
  • welcoming students and organizing internships;
  • managing contracts and internship agreements;
  • supporting the implementation of training programs;
  • determining the capacity to receive students;
  • processing internship evaluation results.

The Info-Teaching Line

The DRHE Info-Teaching Line facilitates the reception, assignment, and processing of student and educational institution requests.  You may make a suggestion on student training to the DRHE Info-Teaching Line at 819 780-2220, extension 47200. You may also call for any questions relating to:

  • internship logistics;
  • the reception of students at the CSSS-IUGS;
  • support available to students;
  • support available to supervisors.

A Team Dedicated to Student Training

The DRHE team is also composed of resources in charge of planning, organizing, and supervising the stay of students at the CSSS-IUGS. Please contact these persons directly for any request related to academic disciplines by contacting the DRHE Info-Teaching Line. 

Our Commitment to Student Training

The CSSS-IUGS is deeply committed to student training. Our supervisors, practitioners, and managers are committed to promoting student autonomy, to treating students with respect, and to encouraging their integration and participation in the organization.